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Art of My Hero Academia: Hold Hostage (XR) (Dabi, Toga, Shigaraki) from My Hero Academia League Of Villains!

The Hold Hostage (XR) is a part of the My Hero Academia League of Villains expansion pack, set to release in a few weeks. By the time you’re reading this, it might already be out.

This card is extra special because it features not one, not two, but three of the most prominent members of the notorious League of Villains: the leader himself, (creepy-hand guy) Shigaraki, his left-hand man Dabi, and the murder-crazed Toga, all holding the very chill Bakugo hostage. But why, you ask? You’ll have to watch the anime to find out.

The topic at hand pertains to the reasons behind the popularity and value of this card.. Maybe it’s because everyone loves a good hostage situation or because the artwork is just too awesome to resist. Either way, this card is sure to make your opponents quake in fear.

League Of Villains

The League of Villains (or the Villain Alliance, if you prefer to be fancy) is a group of seriously bad dudes who want to ruin the lives of all the do-gooder heroes out there.

Their team captain is All For One, but since he’s locked up, the ragtag group is now led by Tomura Shigaraki – the guy with the hands all over his face. They’re the big bads of the My Hero Academia series, and first popped up during the U.S.J. Arc to wreak some serious havoc.


The three villains featured on the card got some great-looking illustrations in this new expansion, here are some of our favorites:

  Needle Stab (XR)Vile Seizing (XR)


As mentioned earlier, the Hold Hostage (XR) card depicts Bakugo being held captive by the League of Villains, and as you can imagine, Bakugo is not pleased with his current predicament. If I were Dabi, I wouldn’t stand too close to him, or he might get scorched by Bakugo’s fiery rage.

But jokes aside, this card has gained value due to the presence of four great characters and the impressive artwork. It may not be the best card in the set, but it’s rare to see so many characters featured on a single card.


As I type this blog post, the Hold Hostage (XR) card is currently priced at around $30. Of course, that could either go up or down faster than a hero rushing to save the day. But let’s be optimistic, shall we? After all, this card is a real gem in the expansion pack.

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