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Adi Shankar Castlevania miniseries, Nintendo coming back to movies and Rovio cuts workforce by a third

castlevania nintendo rovio logos over the duck hunt background for episode 96 of the rubber onion animation podcast
We’re talking all Video Game related stories this week but start with a question: is “Animations” a word? Nintendo said they want more control over their movie properties, fan-film producer Adi Shankar (Judge Dredd: Superfiend, Power/Rangers) and Fred Seibert (Frederator) want to make a dark Castlevania animated mini-series, and Rovio cuts a third of their work force. This week we also play a game where Stephen reads out all the video game movies that have been made thus far and Rob and Pat try to guess what their Rotten Tomatoes rating is… I know this is cliche, but the answers may surprise you! The audience question this week is a great one about what animated series we would cancel in order to revive another.

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(1:05:47)   AUDIENCE QUESTION: “You are given the power to cancel any animated series to revive another – which do you pick?” ~Samuel R. Albro
(1:19:01)   RAPID FIRE!!!!!!!!!

Original video for The Cardigans’ “Lovefool” music video (referenced at 6:32)

Viral image of NY animator Pilar (referenced at 11:12)
Uwe Boll angry rant video (referenced at 34:17)

Jeremy Polgar Demo Reel 2015 (from Andrew Kaiko’s shoutout in the Rapid Fire segment at 1:26:05)

SUPER TURBO ATOMIC NINJA RABBIT mock VHS opening credits (referenced in the Rapid Fire segment at 1:34:14)

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