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Everyone wants to live in a beautiful house, well designed, probably the most outstanding and unique in your neighborhood. These qualities plus many others are influenced by several factors for instance our financial ability, the design we want, the size of the house and size of the land on which we want to construct the house. Time changes so many things and over the years the building and construction world has evolved greatly; the houses that were being built in the previous centuries are different from the ones being built in the 21st century.

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In any construction of a building, there are two important people: the architect and the constructor. How about we differentiate the two then get rolling?  An architect is a person who plans, designs and reviews the construction of buildings. Basically, this person is behind the final product of the buildings we see around us. The whole act of planning and designing is art in itself; yes, now you know architects are indeed artists. Constructors on the other hand turn into reality the idea of the architects: they build houses and buildings. Has it ever crossed your mind what it would be like not to have a functional spinal cord? Unimaginable right? Well yes that is just the same case here; architects and constructors are the “backbone” of any building.

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Now, just when we thought we have seen enough in the building and designing sector, Netherlands is just about to prove that it’s not yet over. What difference will they be bringing in? Habitable 3D Printed houses. 3D houses have been printed before in  places like Russia but the difference here is that these ones will be habitable. Yes, amazing right? Well, if you thought that is impossible then you are in for a good shock. This is going to be total game changer in the construction world.

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The world’s first habitable 3D printed homes are to be built in the Dutch City of Eindhoven. The five concrete houses will be created later this year as part of Project Milestone, collaboration between Eindhoven University of Technology and other various partners who will ensure that these houses meet living standards and be occupied.


The houses are designed by Houben/Van Mierlo architects and are inspired by boulders in a green landscape. The partners believe that the 3D printed houses will revolutionize the construction industry; there will be less waste of building materials during the construction process and it will make it easier to customize houses to meet the individual needs.  The first house, to be finished in the first half of 2019, will be single-floor and is printed off-site, but the aim is to print the fifth house, which will have 3 floors, on-site, so that the parts won’t have to be transported anymore.

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The 3D printer being used is essentially a huge robotic arm with a nozzle that squirts out a specially formulated cement, said to have the texture of whipped cream. The cement is “printed” according to an architect’s design, adding layer upon layer to create a wall therefore just using the required amount of cement that is needed thus less wasting.

Only the exterior and inner walls of the first new homes will be made using the printer, which will be located off-site. By the time the fifth home is being built it is hoped that drainage pipes and other installations will also be made using the printer which will be located on the site of the new houses.

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These  houses are already being accepted by people because of the first five houses to be built, the smallest with two bedrooms has already attracted applications from twenty interested families just a week after images were made available. This is going to revolutionize the construction world and will open doors to even more developments in the same. But one thing for sure is that these 3D houses will attract so many people and who knows, they might be the only houses in existence in the next century. Clearly the only limit that is there in art is the artist himself.

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