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Leonardo Da Vinci, a well-known painter, sculptor, architect, scientist and engineer. He was one of the greatest minds of the Italian Renaissance, and his influence on painting was and still is enormous to the current generation especially that which is interested in art. Leonardo is still a major deal in the world of art; his works are an inspiration to upcoming artists and art lovers, different museums across the world celebrate his art and legacy 500 years down the line.

Some of Leonardo’s famous paintings till today which are also worth millions of dollars include the “Mona Lisa” painting which is estimated to be worth $782million if it were to be sold today and the “Salvator Mundi” painting which is estimated to be worth $450 millions among many others.

It is such a great and rare honor to come across Leonardo’s works leave alone own a piece. However, the UK Postal Service, the Royal Mail will now bring Leonardo’s most famous works to your mail box. The Royal Mail is issuing a run of stamps featuring some of the artist’s most renowned drawings to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s death. This will basically be a way of celebrating Leonardo’s art and legacy.

Different museums from all over the world are celebrating the art and legacy of the Italian Painter. The Leonardo stamp edition coincides with 12 exhibitions that are currently on view across the UK as part of the series “Leonardo Da Vinci: A life in drawing.” Each drawing that is on the stamp aligns with a work on view at each of the 12 galleries.

On the stamps, several known-works of Leonardo are printed such as The Skull sections (1489) and the head of Leda (1505-1508), a study for his eventual painting of the myth of Leda, the queen of Sparta, which was the most valuable work in his estate when he died. Other stamps show the artist’s studies of skeletons, joints and cats.

All the works on the stamps are part of the Royal Collection, which has the largest and arguably most extremely beautiful holding of drawings by the artist in the world. The works are kept inside the Print Room at Windsor Castle and only a dozen of them are out for the nationwide exhibition program, which launched on February 1st and will be on view till May 6th. Martin Clayton, the head of prints and drawings at the Royal Collection Trust said in a statement, “We are thrilled to join the celebration of Leonardo and his work in 2019.”

Two weeks after the series of UK exhibitions close, the Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace will open a massive show of more than 200 drawings by Leonardo which will run until October 13.

Leonardo once said, “No one should ever imitate the style of another because, with regard to art, he will be called a nephew and not a child of nature,” true to his words, he had his own unique style of creating his work and he followed it till the time of his demise. Leonardo was indeed a child of nature and he will forever be celebrated and recognized in the world of art.


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