Police Force Way into a Museum After Mistaking a Mannequin for a Corpse

Any career or profession is just as important as the other, the point is that we do what we love and love what we do. Put our knowledge and skills to practice.

Personally, I have so much respect for ‘our men in uniform’, the police. The fact that they take risks for others’ sake cannot go unnoticed or unrecognized.  It is not just because it is their responsibility to guarantee us safety and security, but their dedication to it matters just as much. This field of profession just like any other has shortcomings. We could say, not every single officer is committed to their work but truth is a good number are. ‘You hit them up on their hotline number and boom! They show up for inspection on whatever it is.’

They face challenges as well, amongst them are the so many prank calls and raised-false-alarms, but, they say ‘police is your friend, so if you notice anything suspicious, do not fail to report’.

Now a recent incident of police officers forcing their way into a London Art Gallery took place right after they had received a report of a suspected corpse in the building. Cameras at the Factory Art Gallery in Dalston show the officers breaking through the glass door and then approaching a figure suspected to be a dead body just near a tied rope hanging from a ceiling. After quick inspection, they then discovered that the ‘corpse’ was actually a mannequin made out of paper and wires wrapped in clothes.

A police spokesperson confirmed that the officers and paramedics responded to the witness report of the suspected corpse at the gallery, “Officers and LAS attended the scene. Officers were required to force entry inside. Upon inspection, the person turned out to be a figurine constructed from clothing and wires and was part of an art installation.”

The camera footage shows the police officers’ arrival circa 7 am on Tuesday, and after a few attempts to force the glass door open, they opt to break their way in using a crowbar. One officer is seen approaching the said corpse and rummaging through it, leaving, then other officers and a paramedic are seen walking in it to check as well.

The involved mannequin belongs to 36 year old Kollier Din Bangura, and was as a matter of fact part of his exhibition on the experiences of refugees who settle in Britain. The artist says he has used the mannequin in other showcases before but was yet to have witnessed such an incident. “I have used the same dummy before in other shows but this is the first time it’s caused police to be called” said Bangura. “When I came to the studio and saw the smashed glass, I immediately thought it had been vandalised. But the police left a note behind explaining what happened.”

The handwritten note reads, “Police forced entry by smashing the window due to getting calls from members of the public regarding a dead body inside the building. If you have any issues please write to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.”

Mr Bangura added, “It’s a mistake by a member of the public who has seen it through the window when they are walking past. Or it could even be a prank by someone who wants to sabotage my work. But fair play to the police, they broke in and if it was really someone wanting to hang themselves they gave themselves a chance at saving them.”

He however notes that there were posters on each door, indicating than art exhibition was taking place and regrets why they did not look at them and contact the owner of the building before breaking in.

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