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The art of Pokemon: Ultra rare Gengar VMAX from Pokemon Fusion Strike!

The Ultra-rare Gengar VMAX is a part of the Pokemon Fusion Strike expansion pack!

Fuson strike promised us a ton of great chase cards and it surely delivered as well. Especially the Gengar and Mew cards are some of the best ones we’ve seen in years. Mew and Gengar got special treatment, and there’s no wonder the most expensive cards in this expansion are Mew and Gengar cards!

Today we’ll be deep-diving into one such card from the set which is really coveted at the moment and is fetching a lot of money for what it’s worth. The Ultra-rare Gengar VMAX is the card we will be talking about today, decoding the illustrator’s intention behind the art and the future value as well!


Before we jump into the fun stuff, we first need to understand the Pokemon that is on the card, which at the moment is the Gengar Gigantamax form, which is very huge and has half of its body under the ground, sinking into some black dimension.

The mouth of Gengar opens up really wide and you can hear your dead relative’s voices from this wide opening, that’s how deep it goes. Infact this is one of the reasons why we see the Gnegar on the card sucking in the air because it is its mouth’s prominent function.

Many believe this mouth leads to the afterlife where Gengar is a frequent visitor!


In this expansion, we’ve got three different Gengar cards which are at the top of the list. The Ultra-rare Gengar VMAX, the Secret rare Gengar VMAX Alternate art, and the Gengar V.

The reason for having three Gengar cards might be Fusion strikes color palette which has pink and purplish tones to it!


The cards artwork has been done by the super talented 5ban graphics who is also responsible for the first V-star cards in the Sword and Shield era. Their artsyle is very similar to that of the games, that is their illustration are mostly 3d-Esque portraits of Pokemon.

The cards can be seen above and their artsyle matches that of the Ultra-rare Gengar VMAX as well. And as we already know, Gengar is seen swallowing up anything in its reach using its largemouth. The same pose is seen in the Secret Rare Gengar VMAX Alternate art as well, which was illustrated by sowsow graphics, learn more about it here.


As of writing this blog, the value of the Ultra-rare Gengar VMAX  is about $20, and you can get some for $10-15 as well, but the condition might not be that great. This is still a lot of money for a card that just came out, but it has fallen off in price pretty significantly since its release.

The card’s value might drop even further as more and more fusion strike packs get opened, and after a while when the new expansion comes out, the price may stabilize at some levels. As we know modern Pokemon cards are unlike the old ones where the cards were very scarce, so it’s very unlikely that this card might shoot up in value significantly!

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