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The art of Pokemon: Holo Rare Professor’s research from Pokemon Celebrations!

The Holo Rare Professor’s research is a part of the 25th-anniversary Celebrations set!

The Celebration’s set was one of the most anticipated ones of the year 2021, and rightfully so, it gave us a ton of chase cards along with special cards like reprints from the older sets and metal cards as well. The set overall was great, and fitting for the 25th anniversary standards!

One such card from the set is the Holo Rare Professor’s research, which features the famous Professor Oak. The card has been really trendy lately, thanks to the limited booster packs for the Celebration Set.

If you’re an avid collector, you might want to get your hands on this coveted card. But first, before you make any purchase, it is nice to know the card you’re buying. This blog post will shed some light on the Holo Rare Professor’s research.


Professor Oak is the original Pokemon Professor introduced to us in the first generation games of Pokemon. He lives in a small and peaceful place known as Pallet town, which also is the home city of Ash Ketchum.

Professor Oak studies the relationship between Pokemon and their human trainers; Oak has particular expertise in this area and is renowned around the world for his research on various different Pokemon Species


The card, Holo Rare Professor’s research, has seen a lot of different Professors from the Pokemon universe featured on it. Professor Oak is just one of the many, and every other card has had other. Artwork, and has also been released in different sets and expansion packs!

Professor’s research also has a Full Art variant in the same set is known as the Ultra Rare Professor’s research, which also features Professor Oak. But both these cards were created by different artists.

Full art Holo Rare Professor’s research is illustrated by Kiyotaka Oshiyama and the Ultra Rare Full Art Professor’s research by Ken Sugimori


The unique artwork on this card has been illustrated by Kiyotaka Oshiyama, who is also responsible for many brilliant and unique cards in the Pokemon TCG. The had of Professor Oak is seen coming out of the card’s artwork, which looks creepy.

The illustrator’s most famous works include Medicham V from Evolving Skies and Kecleon from Chilling reign. As you can see, both these cards have very unique and colorful artworks; this sets Kiyotaka’s work apart from the other cards, the TCG!


As Professor’s research is a Holo Rare, its price isn’t as high as the Ultra Rare Professor’s research. Still, it’s being sold for $0.3 on multiple sites, Artworkher if the condition is mint. As the supply in the market is high right now, the pieces are also low, so if you wanted this card very badly, you could buy it straight away rather than opening booster packs!

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