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The Art Of Passing the Torch Promo From My Hero Academia Universus

The Passing the Torch card is a standout from the My Hero Academia Pro Hero Nationals 2023 promo lineup, and let me tell you, it’s riding a wave of hype right now. This gem features none other than the former #1 hero and symbol of peace, All Might.

So, we thought, why not dive deep into the lore, toss in some trivia for the fun of it, and of course, gush over the illustration and discuss its value?

If you’re curious, intrigued, or just a fan, you’re in for a treat. Stick around and let’s explore “Passing the Torch” promo!


all might true form

All Might’s journey began in the bustling city of Tokyo, where he inherited the One For All quirk from his predecessor, Nana Shimura. As a young hero, All Might faced numerous challenges and adversaries, ultimately earning the title of the Symbol of Peace.

His unwavering commitment to justice and unparalleled strength turned him into a beacon of hope for citizens and heroes alike.


Did you know that All Might’s real name is Toshinori Yagi? Beyond his heroic persona, Yagi is known for his cheerful disposition and love for the simple pleasures of life, like his favorite food, hamburgers.

One of the most heartwarming aspects of All Might’s legacy is how he passed on the One For All quirk to his successor, Izuku Midoriya. This symbolic act represents the transfer of responsibility and the continuation of the hero’s legacy.


passing the torch

“Passing the Torch” showcases All Might in his natural form, worn down by the years of intense battles fought to uphold justice. While he may look like an absolute beast in action, his normal form might not win against a cat in a sprint!

This card presents a rare sight of All Might in traditional black and golden attire, a departure from his iconic hero costume. The festive traditional Japanese art in the background adds a vibrant touch, making this card a visual spectacle.


As of our exploration, the “Passing the Torch” promo is making waves in the collector’s market, with a value reaching beyond $25 on reseller sites. This price is notably impressive, especially when considering the plethora of outstanding All Might cards available.

What sets “Passing the Torch” apart is its portrayal of All Might in a different light, offering a fresh perspective on the Symbol of Peace that fans have seldom seen.

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