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The Art Of Hardened Jab Promo From My Hero Academia Universus

The Hardened Jab Promo is a standout in the My Hero Academia Pro Hero Nationals Promo lineup, and guess who’s taking the spotlight? None other than Eijiro Kirishima, the unstoppable Red Riot!

This card’s been making waves in the resale world since its big reveal, so we thought, why not take a closer look? Today, we’re diving deep into its origins, admiring those illustrations, tossing in a dash of trivia for kicks, and even trying to predict its future value.

Ready for the ride? Stick around and let’s uncover the secrets of the Hardened Jab!


Kirishima, also known as Red Riot, traces his origins to the bustling halls of U.A. High School. Born with a quirk that transforms his body into hardened, unbreakable rock, Kirishima quickly earned a reputation as the sturdy hero.

His unyielding spirit, loyalty, and unwavering determination make him a beloved character in the My Hero Academia universe.


Did you know that Kirishima’s signature red scarf isn’t just a stylish accessory? It’s a memento from his middle school days when he was inspired by a pro hero wearing a similar scarf. The scarf symbolizes Kirishima’s journey to become a hero, embodying the strength and resilience he strives to achieve.

Additionally, Kirishima’s hero name, Red Riot, is a testament to his unshakable spirit in the face of adversity.


hardened jab

The Hardened Jab promo card showcases Kirishima like never before! Dressed in unique attire, Kirishima sports black trousers with his signature red scarf tied around his waist. The festive mood is unmistakable as Kirishima takes some well-deserved time off.

The traditional Japanese red background adds a touch of festivity to the card’s overall aesthetic. Not just the Hardened Jab, but almost every card in the Pro Hero Nationals promo features festive traditional art, making this collection a visual delight for fans.


As of crafting this blog post, the Hardened Jab is making waves in the collector’s market, being valued at around $25. This price point is particularly noteworthy when considering the stellar cards within this promo batch. Kirishima holds his ground, selling at a similar price as iconic characters like Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki.

This unexpected parity in value showcases the broad appeal of Kirishima, surprising even the most dedicated fan bases.

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