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The Art Of Luna Tijeras From My Hero Academia: Girl Power

The Luna Tijeras is a part of the My Hero Academia Girl Power expansion pack, which hit the store shelves just a few weeks ago.

Ever since the launch, the MHA community has been buzzing with hype for this expansion, and rightfully so. This is the first time we’ve gotten an expansion dedicated to the female characters of the show. The expansion generated a ton of hype and delivered on it, boasting a ton of great chase cards.

One such card is the Luna Tijeras, featuring the rabbit hero Mirko. This action-packed card is one of the high-valued cards of the set, so we’re doing a deep dive into the various aspects of the card that give it its value. So if that interests you, stick around!



Mirko, also known as Rumi Usagiyama, is one of the top pro heroes in the My Hero Academia universe. Her Quirk, Rabbit, gives her incredible leg strength, agility, and enhanced senses, much like a rabbit.

She’s known for her fierce independence and her refusal to rely on anyone, making her one of the most formidable heroes around.


Did you know that Mirko’s ultimate move, “Luna Tijeras,” involves her using her powerful legs to deliver a scissor-like kick that can cut through almost anything?

It’s one of her deadliest moves and showcases her incredible strength and precision. This move is featured in the card’s illustration, capturing her in action.

IllustrationLuna Tijeras

The Luna Tijeras card features probably one of the most action-packed scenes captured in card format in the MHA CCG. The Luna Tijeras ultimate move is deadly, to say the least, and we can see Mirko about to perform it on an enemy.

Even though Mirko looks bloodied in battle and probably struggling to even stand straight, she’s performing this move with a wide smile on her face! This is nothing short of badass, no wonder people like the artwork so much.


The Luna Tijeras card is going for around $15 on various reseller sites, which is a lot considering how many Luna Tijeras cards we’ve gotten this time around. Mirko was prominently featured in the last anime arc, hence she got a lot of love in this expansion.

The move Luna Tijeras has various other cards valued at even higher prices, so this card’s value is probably going to stay stable as well, as these are some of the best cards in the expansion.

So, are you excited for the “Girl Power” set? Why not order it now?

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