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The Art Of Kinoko Komori alt art From My Hero Academia: Girl Power

The Kinoko Komori alt art is part of the My Hero Academia Girl Power expansion pack.

The MHA CCG has been on the rise ever since its base set dropped, and we’ve seen a lot of new expansions since then. The Girl Power expansion is just the latest in a series of expansions. As the name suggests, the set prominently features a ton of great chase cards showcasing the female characters of the anime.

One such card features the mushroom hero, Kinoko Komori. This card gives off a very wholesome vibe and has been doing great numbers in the reseller market. So, we decided to shed some light on the card and try predicting its future. If that interests you, stick around!


Kinoko Komori, also known as Shemage, is a student at UA High School in Class 1-B. Her Quirk, Mushroom, allows her to spread fungal spores and grow mushrooms on any surface, including her opponents.

This unique ability makes her a formidable hero-in-training, capable of overwhelming her enemies with a variety of mushrooms.


Did you know that Kinoko Komori’s ultimate move, “Mushroom Apocalypse,” covers an entire area with mushrooms, creating a forest-like terrain?

It’s a quirky yet powerful move that showcases her mastery over her fungal friends. Plus, she loves mushroom-themed snacks, keeping her Quirk and her diet perfectly in sync!


Kinoko Komori alt art

The Kinoko Komori alt art shows off the mushroom hero Shemage in a strikingly cute pose in her hero costume. Known for being a shy girl, Kinoko often wears her bangs over her face to hide.

But when she’s in her hero attire, it’s as if she’s a completely different person. She exudes confidence and, most importantly, a very cheerful energy, which the artist has captured beautifully in this illustration.

The background and the costume complement each other very well, giving us a cute little card that every collector would love to have in their collection.


As of writing this blog post, the Kinoko Komori alt art is going for around $18 in the reseller markets. This is quite a lot for a character like Shemage. She might be pretty cute and wholesome, but her popularity in the MHA community isn’t as high compared to some other characters.

Even though the illustration is one of the best in the expansion, there are a lot of cards going for much more in this set. So, the future of this card completely depends on how relevant Shemage stays in the anime.

So, are you excited for the “Girl Power” set? Why not order it now?

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