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The Art Of Big Fist Bash From My Hero Academia: Girl Power

The Big Fist Bash is a part of the My Hero Academia Girl Power expansion pack, a set that just hit the stores a couple of weeks ago and has been generating a lot of attention in the anime community.

MHA CCG has become one of the most popular CCGs based on any anime since its first base set, boasting an array of great chase cards.

This expansion features a ton of chase cards that show off the female characters of the show, hence the name “GIRL POWER.” One such card from the expansion is the Big Fist Bash, featuring Itsuka Kendo ready to bust up an enemy.

The card is doing great numbers, and we decided to shed some much-needed light on it, in order to understand its value and predict the future value of the card. So without any further ado, let’s get into it!


Itsuka Kendo, known as Battle Fist, is a student in Class 1-B at UA High School. She is a strong and dependable hero-in-training, often seen leading her classmates in various activities.

Her Quirk, Big Fist, allows her to enlarge her hands to enormous sizes, giving her incredible strength and reach in combat. Kendo is known for her tactical mind and her ability to stay calm under pressure.


Did you know that Itsuka Kendo’s ultimate move, “Big Fist Smash,” involves her enlarging her fists to maximum size and delivering a powerful blow capable of taking down even the toughest enemies? It’s a crowd-pleaser and showcases her raw strength and combat skills.


Big Fist Bash

The Big Fist Bash card shows off Itsuka Kendo ready to blow up an enemy with her hard-hitting fists. As we all know, her Quirk allows her to enlarge her fists, which also grow stronger and faster when enlarged.

She’s known for her aggressive fighting style and powerful punches, and the artist has done a great job at incorporating all these aspects that make her the hero she is. Plus, she’s striking an action-packed pose, which people really like to see on cards!


As of writing this blog post, the Big Fist Bash card is going for around $15 on the reseller markets, but the value has dropped significantly over the past few weeks. It did start off stronger with a higher price. This seems like an indication that not many are as interested in the card as before, and rightfully so.

Itsuka was shown a lot of love in this expansion, and we’ve seen a lot of cards featuring her, which are way better than this one, hence the fall in price.

So, are you excited for the “Girl Power” set? Why not order it now?

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