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New Hi-Res PEANUTS images released & point-and-click game ARMIKROG gets a trailer

I like to call these episodes “classic.” We’ve got news from the animation world and an interview with one of our #RubberOnionFanArt competition winners (Andrew Kaiko)! Lucasfilm surprised us with a new movie coming out in 2 months, new point-and-click game by The Neverhood creators is coming soon, and we talk a whole bunch about the PEANUTS hi-res images (this was one-day before the trailer leak!)… and we have a new segment: RAPID FIRE! Here we take the stories that you suggested which we didn’t have too much to say about and we blast through them with out little derisive or supportive comments.

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(30:38)   Conversation with one of our Oct #RubberOnionFanArt competition winners, Andrew Kaiko
(57:37)   Armikrog trailer
(1:31:25)   New segment: RAPID FIRE!!

Andrew Kaiko’s new series “Tidbits: With Norm & Cory”

“Armikrog” trailer

RAPID FIRE stories…

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