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Hood XR from My Hero Academia: Jet Burn!

The buzz is real, and the excitement is palpable as the My Hero Academia: Jet Burn expansion takes center stage, promising a whole new level of adventure and strategic gameplay in the world of UVS Games.

The pre-release is live, and amidst the myriad of exciting cards, one particular character has stolen the spotlight—the menacing Hood XR!

Join us as we unravel the origins, trivia, and the artistic brilliance of this menacing Hood Nomu Card.


hood nomu

The Hood XR, a thrilling addition to the My Hero Academia Jet Burn expansion, introduces us to the menacing mastermind, the Hood Nomu.

Originating from the dark and twisted experiments of the villainous forces, the Hood Nomu represents the epitome of menace and chaos.

Its creation is shrouded in mystery, a brainless and relentless force, a zombie-like entity designed to sow destruction.

The card brings this ominous figure to life, capturing the essence of the Hood Nomu’s origin in the My Hero Academia universe.


hood nomu manga

Now, let’s delve into some intriguing facts about the Hood. The Nomu is not your typical adversary—it’s an emotionless, brainless creature, following orders without hesitation. This unique trait sets it apart from other villains in the My Hero Academia universe.


hood xr jet burn

The Hood XR card is not just a piece of the game; it’s a visual masterpiece that brings the Hood Nomu to life.

The illustration perfectly captures the essence of this monstrous creation, showcasing its menacing appearance, brainless demeanor, and the terrifying power it wields.

The Hood XR is a visual representation of the looming threat that the Hood Nomu poses, a relentless force that can tear through any hero in its path.

The artwork is not just a card; it’s a portal into the darker side of the My Hero Academia universe.


As we navigate through the pre-release excitement, the burning question is, what’s the potential value of the Hood XR?

With the Hood Nomu being a distinctive character in the My Hero Academia universe and the XR card bringing a unique twist, the hype is real.

While we lack specific market data at this early stage, our prediction is rooted in the potential this card holds. We estimate the Hood XR’s value to range between $10-20, considering its uniqueness and the evolving dynamics of the My Hero Academia CCG.

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