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“Freelance Horror Stories 3” – RubberOnion Animation Podcast 161

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Happy Halloween week! This is not only the biggest of the special “Freelance Horror Stories” episodes but also the biggest RubberOnion Animation Podcast of all time!

You get stories of animation jobs gone wrong from all of the following guests as well as from your two illustrious hosts (plus an audience question)!

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Topics & Timestamps

(7:23)  How you doin?
(15:18)  Tomm Moore
(22:36)  Adam Phillips
(33:17)  Audience Question from Chris McEwan
(37:18)  Peter J Casey “Pikapetey”
(1:01:42)  Vivienne Medrando “VivziePop”
(1:32:03)  Robert Valley
(1:42:14)  Rob Yulfo
(1:51:54)  Don Bluth
(1:56:31)  Stephen Brooks
(2:17:03)  Martin Bell

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