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Free Animation Software OpenToonz, LEGO Batman trailer, and Netflix Voltron – RubberOnion Animation Podcast #126

opentoonz release, dreamworks netflix voltron, lego batman, adam phillips last of the dashkin 2, creator spotlight alex dudley on rubberonion animation podcast episode 126 with stephen brooks and rob yulfo

SEGMENT EPISODE! There’s so much to talk about this week: OpenToonz was finally released, Adam Phillips returns to Brackenwood with “Last of the Dashkin 2,” we have a Creator Spotlight on Alex Dudley of DToons and we get a cartoon character to give us a shoutout! The news stories this week was mostly trailers so we get to talk about the weird world of Voltron and LEGO saving Batman. Enjoy the show!

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Topics & Timestamps:

(7:03) “How You Doin?”
(16:45) Trailer Talk
(44:02) Animation News of the Week…
(1:03:30) Creator Spotlight: Alex Dudley (DToons)
(1:44:55) Message from Doggy from “Toons These Days”
(1:48:25) Rapid Fire!!!!



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