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April, 2014

  • 15 April

    The Madness of Art: Episode (006) “Post Modern”

    EPISODE 006: “Post Modern”: Jim teaches a valuable lesson about why you should wear your iPhone earbuds close to the vest around a Gormley sculpture.  Later, the thirteen year old son of a potential client (future art critic) challenges Jim to explain the meaning and importance of Post-Modern art and learns …

March, 2014

  • 18 March

    The Madness of Art: Episode (005) “Yoko (Oh No)”

    The Madness of Art – Season 1, Episode 5: Yoko (Oh No) from The Madness of Art on Vimeo. EPISODE 005: “YOKO (OH NO)”: In Webisode five, Jim seeks out advice from nemesis Glenn Dranoff about Art Miami? “Art Miami? No one’s making any money this year in Miami!” according …

February, 2014

  • 18 February

    The Madness of Art: Episode (002) “The Wedding Gift”

    EPISODE 002: “THE WEDDING GIFT”: The rent is due and Chelsea art dealer Jim Kempner helps a client find a fresh and original wedding gift. One Balloon Dog by neo-pop artist Jeff Koons remains in Jim’s possession. Could this be the perfect gift? Or will the client’s dreams of attaining …

  • 13 February

    2-13-2014 ART SEEN: A Public Transit Themed Art Show in Brooklyn (Video)

    New York – Thursday, February 13, 2014 This week Jen takes us to Life In Public, an art opening and silent auction in Williamsburg Brookyn at the Wythe Hotel benefiting the not for profit Transportation Alternatives and their NYC “Complete Streets” fund, which involves putting bike lanes on New York …