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Art Trends

February, 2019

  • 14 February

    How The Heart Became A Symbol of LOVE

    Every day is a chance for us to show some love to our partners, family and friends, however February, in particular, is the month of love and we can call it “home” to Valentine’s Day. For some it is a chance to re-assure important people in our lives how much …

  • 4 February


      Which is that one advert on your screen that gets you hooked always? Adverts appeal to viewers in different ways for instance an advert could be appealing because it is hilarious or the person advertising the product is your favorite celebrity among many other reasons. Adverts influence our selection …

January, 2019

  • 16 January

    Dr. Bendor’s Cat Destroys Rare Painting

      Before you get a pet, you cannot quite imagine what living with one can be like, it just doesn’t come on a silver platter; you have to keep it clean, ensure it is well fed and of course healthy. However, once you become fond of it, you cannot imagine …

October, 2018

  • 29 October

    Highlights from TEFAF New York

    The 67th Regiment Armory on the Upper East Side was buzzing on Friday afternoon.  The works range widely—from antiquities, rare books, and maps to vintage jewels, Asian ceramics, and scrolls, and even modern American paintings. The fair, which originated in the Netherlands in Maastricht, now takes place twice a year in …

  • 25 October

    Making The Independent Artists Voices Heard

    Clio Art Fair has been and still is the main art fair for independent artists in New York and was born from the idea of Founder and Director Alessandro Berni in 2014, of celebrating and promoting emerging artists. It has now fully established itself attracting artists from all walks of …