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YouTube ART SCHOOL: 2013 Art World Trend: Recursive Mirrors

New York, NY – Monday, June 11, 2013

2013 can be noted as the year of the word “Epic” as well as the year The Illusion of Depth mirror art (usually enhanced by neon), a trend that  took the Art World by storm.

I first noticed and pointed out this ART WORLD trend at Scope Art Fair. Recursive Mirrors – AKA “Infinity Mirrors” were everywhere. When I went to art fair after art fair I found that it wasn’t just a Scope phenomenon , the trend was a reality.  It’s everywhere.

But how are these shallow mirrors that seem to have the amazing illusion of depth? Ask the YouTube, and you shall receive.  Here are a few videos that explain how to make them really cheaply, and actually it’s a pretty easy illusion.  More a magic trick than a piece of art, but for some reason this year it has tricked itself into almost every art fair.

Thanks to YOUTUBE ART SCHOOL, you can learn how to make one yourself:

This DIY demonstration is presented by Armookie

A helpful step-by-step walk through by Muhamed Retkoceri
Once you learn how to create the illusion, you can make anything with it, not just artwork that hangs in The Armory show, how bout a living room table.



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