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Art of One Piece: Roronoa Zoro Parallel from One Piece Romance Dawn

Roronoa Zoro Parallel is a part of One Piece Romance Dawn.

One Piece is one of the longest-running shows in Japan, and probably in the entire world, and if some of the fans are to be believed, the show is also the best shounen anime of all time. One Piece has been airing for such a long time that it is easy for people to forget about it, but thanks to its captivating storyline, the show is still going strong!

This year it celebrates its 25th anniversary while the show is still airing; now, that’s a feat that many manga artists could only dream of! The 25th anniversary of the show also marked the beginning of a new chapter in One Piece, which is the release of the brand new One Piece Card Game!

Unlike most anime-inspired card games, the One Piece CCG creators set out to create a CCG that fans would love, so you can see the passion and the love they put behind this IP manifesting in the card game. The first expansion, i.e., Romance Dawn, features some of the best cards we’ve seen this year across all the TCGs.

One such card is the Roronoa Zoro Parallel, which at one time became the most valuable card from the set. What is driving such immense hype toward this card’s direction? That’s what we’re here to answer, so without further ado, let’s get right into it!



Roronoa Zoro Parallel features the mighty Zoro, one of the most vital members of Luffy’s crew, the Straw Hat pirates. He is a top-notch combatant and has mastered the three sword styles, and aims to become the best swordsman of all time.

He was one of the first members to join the Straw Hat pirates. Since then, he has become a capable leader earning him a top commanding role in the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.


Judging by the popularity that Zoro commands, it would’ve been a wrong decision to only include the Roronoa Zoro Parallel in the set, so the creators have upto three other Zoro cards in the set as well!



The Roronoa Zoro Parallel is one of the most beautifully designed cards in the set. The illustration is oozing with personality; the posture that Zoro sees here will resonate with the fans. He’s ready to pull out his sword and attack the enemy.

The artist has done a great job in creating this illustration because even though it is a static image, it feels like Zoro will, at any moment, pull out that sword and go absolutely apeshit!

The red color across the illustration gives it a distinct look.


As of writing this blog post, the Roronoa Zoro Parallel is being sold for around $90-110! The Roronoa Zoro Parallel traded for even higher at first, but cards like the Shanks Manga Art quickly took the throne because of their rarity. But the Roronoa Zoro Parallel remains one of the best cards from this set and will command a hefty price in the future because it is from the first-ever set!

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