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Art of One Piece: Crocodile Parallel Leader from One Piece Romance Dawn

Crocodile Parallel Leader is a part of One Piece Romance Dawn.

A card game was created to mark the milestone 25th anniversary of the long-running and popular One Piece anime. The game’s creators showed their dedication and attention to detail by creating original artwork for the cards rather than simply using existing illustrations from the show. The first expansion for the game is called “Romance Dawn,” named after an early story arc in the anime.

One Piece is an anime that has maintained a dedicated fan base and continued airing for a significant period, even as other anime have ended. The release of the One Piece Card Game was a way to celebrate this achievement and provide fans with a new way to engage with the franchise.

The Romance Dawn expansion includes several highly sought-after cards. One of these cards is the Crocodile Parallel Leader, which has consistently been one of the set’s most popular and valuable cards. This article will delve into the reasons behind this card’s enduring appeal and value and consider what makes it desirable to collectors and fans of the One Piece anime.


Crocodile, also known as the Desert King, used to be The head of the Crime Syndicate Baroque Works! Thanks to his stature, he has been one of the longest-running antagonists in the One Piece anime. He was the main villain in the Arabasta Saga and is pretty powerful as he is one of the first adversaries to defeat Luffy!


Though an antagonist, Crocodile has a decent hype surrounding him in this new card game expansion. As he was mighty, his cards tended to be powerful as well. So we didn’t just get the Crocodile Parallel Leader, but three other cards also feature him!


If fans were asked to describe Crocodile in a few words, the terms ‘cunning’ and ‘confident’ would appear a lot. Because he has a cunning demeanor and has been around or a while now, he knows how to handle a challenging situation; that’s where he gets his confidence.

No wonder he looks like a Mafia boss on this card; the pose suits his personality very well. Besides, this is a dual-color card, so even if the illustration weren’t as good as it is, the card would still be valuable.


As of writing this blog post, the Crocodile Parallel Leader is being sold for almost $70 across reseller sites. This hype might die down in the future as Crocodile Parallel Leader wasn’t very popular when the pack first arrived; besides, the character is not the most liked.

So the card’s popularity might come from the fact that it is a Dual Color leader and its illustration. We won’t know of sure what the future will be, but if you like the card’s design, these questions shouldn’t affect your purchase.

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