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Art Of My Hero Academia: United States Of Smash (XR) (All Might) from MHA League Of Villains!

The United States of Smash (XR) is a part of the brand new expansion for the My Hero Academia CCG – League of Villains. By the time you’re reading this, it may have already been released and ready to buy from your local game store.

Ever since the release of the base set of the CCG, the game has been going strong, and the community has really taken a liking to it, which is evident in the value some of these cards hold. We’ve seen cards selling for hundreds of dollars, which is insane as this is just the beginning of the CCG.

The United States of Smash (XR) might just be one such card in this new expansion, as there is considerable hype surrounding it. And rightfully so, as it features the #1 Hero himself, All Might, performing one of his iconic moves.

So we decide to shed some light on the United States of Smash (XR) in this blog post!

All Might

Toshinori Yagi, aka All Might, is the former world’s Symbol of Peace and number one Pro Hero. He’s the guy you call when you need to punch some sense into the villains. All Might also happens to be a teacher of Foundational Hero Studies at U.A. High School.

He used to be the holder of the One For All Quirk, which he received from Nana Shimura. But, as they say, all good things must come to an end. All Might passed the torch to Izuku Midoriya, who’s now training to be his successor. Aftaer using up all his power to defeat All For One, All Might hung up his cape and retired. But don’t worry, he still has plenty of time to grade papers and go on long walks on the beach.


The expansion features more than one All Might card as the arc the expansion is based on features All Might heavily along with his arch nemesis, All for one!


The United States Of Smash (XR) is an attack card that packs one heck of a punch. It’s so powerful that it could probably make Saitama from One Punch Man raise an eyebrow. The card features All Might in his hero form, ready to unleash an attack that could rival a meteor impact.

And let’s not forget All for One in the background, probably regretting all of his life choices that led to this moment. The illustration really captures the intensity of the fight, with All Might looking exhausted but determined. This makes the card a real gem and probably the best All Might card we’ve seen so far!

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