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Art Of My Hero Academia: Needle Stab (XR) (Himiko Toga) from MHA League Of Villains!

The Needle Stab (XR) is part of the My Hero Academia League of Villains expansion pack, and it features the bloodthirsty backstabber waifu herself, Himiko Toga! She’s one of the many villains in this new expansion, which makes perfect sense because this is the League of Villains we’re talking about, led by the protege of All For One, Tomura Shigaraki!

The Needle Stab (XR) is one of the few cards that’s been gaining some serious hype, so we decided to shed some light on this card and explain what makes it so special. Because let’s face it, nothing says “I love you,” like stabbing someone with a needle, am I right?

And with Himiko Toga’s crazed smile on the card, you know this card will pack a punch. So we decided to shed some light on it to make it easy for you to add this card to your collection and start spreading the love…or the pain, depending on how you look at it.

Himiko Toga


Himiko Toga is not your average gal. Nope, she’s a major antagonist in the My Hero Academia! As a member of the notorious League of Villains and the Vanguard Action Squad, she’s caused her fair share of trouble for our heroes.

You can catch her being her villainous self in several arcs, including the Forest Training Camp Arc, Provisional Hero License Exam Arc, Shie Hassaikai Arc, Paranormal Liberation War Arc, and Final War Arc. She’s not one to mess with, that’s for sure!


Apart from the Needle Stab (XR), the expansion features more cards featuring Toga, and here are some of our favorites!


The Needle Stab (XR) card showcases Himiko Toga, the bloodthirsty backstabber waifu of the League of Villains, coming straight at you with a needle to drain your blood and transform into you.

Her crazy expression screams “psychotic episode,” but it seems like fans of My Hero Academia can’t get enough of her.

The yellowish background of the card only adds to the unpleasantness of the scene, a fitting choice considering Toga’s not-so-pleasant tendencies (despite her popularity among fans).

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