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November, 2015

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September, 2015

  • 23 September

    Master Animator Richard Williams Hand-Drawn Animated Film PROLOGUE

    Richard Williams Hand-Drawn 2D Pencil Animation Prologue Animated Short Trailer

      Richard Williams’ is continuing his boundary pushing pursuits in hand-drawn animation with “Prologue,” Moonbot shows how to make a perfect teaser, Danger Mouse is coming to the CBBC and Netflix… and since this is Pat’s penultimate episode as a regular co-host on the show we surprise him with a …

January, 2015

December, 2013

  • 25 December

    Fifteen Iconic Artworld Family Christmas Cards

    Each year at this time I make the trip to my childhood home and stare at a refrigerator full of holiday cards from distant relatives and old family friends. Many of these cards include an annual photo, each year the same people in the same configuration, in front of the …