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July, 2013

June, 2013

  • 28 June

    I Hope You Have A Collection Of Metal Met Badges, Because On Monday They Are Going Bye-Bye

    New York, NY – Friday, June 28, 2013 If The Metropolitan Museum of Art is doing away with their metal admission badges on Monday in conjunction with their new “Open Seven Days A Week” viewing hours, as this New York Times Article claims, they forgot to tell their marketing department.  …

  • 27 June

    My Apologies To Madame Tussauds, We Have A New Winner For Worst Wax Figure Museum

    Los Angeles, CA – Thursday, June 27, 2013 In an article a few months ago about possibly the best celebrity (mostly horror) sculptor I’ve ever seen (Artist Mike Hill Brings Long Dead Horror Movie Monsters Back To Life- Artiholics) I mentioned Madame Tussauds sculptors as being a bunch of “hacks.” …

  • 24 June

    Osiris Just Brought It… Anubis,You’ve Been Served!

    Manchester, England – Monday, June 24, 2013 In a bizarre, as-of-yet *unexplained ancient art phenomena, a statue dedicated to Osiris, the god of death, in an enclosed museum display case in Manchester, England is spinning like a top…a very, very, slow top.  *(well, not conclusively)   “[Physicist Brian Cox] thinks …

  • 24 June

    These Statues Were Into Arcadia Fire Before It Was Cool (Arcadia, Greece)

    New York, NY – Friday, June 20, 2013 Photographer Léo Caillard and retoucher Alexis Persani teamed up to photograph a series of ancient sculptures, and then proceed to dress them up in modern hipster clothes to see if their style would work in modern Williamsburg.  The answer?  Yes, very much …