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The Art Of First Day Of Class Promo From My Hero Academia Universus

Oh, hey there! We’re about to spill the tea on the First Day of Class Promo – one of the fab cards from the Pro Hero Nationals 2023 set. Guess who’s stealing the spotlight? It’s none other than the adorable Ochaco Uraraka, our favorite anti-gravity girlie!

Fans are going gaga over this card, and we totally get why. The illustration is like, next-level amazing, and the value? Chef’s kiss! So, we thought, why not take a deep dive into the card’s backstory, lore, sprinkle some trivia, and, most importantly, gush over that stunning illustration? Ready to dive into the awesomeness? Let’s get this party started!



Let’s start at the beginning – the origins of our favorite anti-gravity girlie, Ochaco Uraraka! Hailing from My Hero Academia, Uraraka first stole our hearts with her down-to-earth personality and gravity-defying quirk.

She’s not just a hero-in-training but a character who brings warmth and relatability to the anime universe.


Now, let’s sprinkle in some fun trivia about Ochaco! Did you know that her hero name, Uravity, is a clever fusion of her last name and the word “gravity”? Talk about a creative superhero alias! Also, her birthday falls on December 27th – mark your calendars, folks!


First Day Of Class

 In the First Day Of Class, Uraraka graces us with a brand-new look, sporting a kimono-inspired dress that’s as fresh as a daisy. It’s a delightful twist, considering we’re used to seeing her in her hero costume. The dress, a lovely shade of pink, complements her personality perfectly.

Picture this – a cute smile from Uraraka paired with her donning this never-before-seen outfit. It’s like a heartwarming surprise for fans who have always yearned to witness their favorite character in a different light.

But wait, there’s more! The illustration boasts a pink background with traditional Japanese art aesthetics, adding an extra layer of charm to the card. It’s not just a promo card; it’s a work of art!


Now, let’s talk numbers – as of this blogspot’s creation, the First Day of Class promo card is dancing around the $35 mark in the market. Quite a sum, right? Especially when you consider the plethora of amazing Ochaco cards out there. Interestingly, this card has taken the crown as the most valued one from the recent Jet Burn expansion.

What makes it so sought after? It’s not just about the aesthetic appeal; it’s a testament to the love and admiration fans have for Ochaco Uraraka. Owning this card isn’t just a collector’s delight; it’s a piece of the My Hero Academia universe that fans can cherish.

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