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The Art Of Exploding Pride Promo From MHA Universus

The exploding pride featuring Bakugo is a part of the My Hero Academia Universe 2023 promo set, and it’s scoring great numbers on various reseller sites – and rightfully so! Bakugo is one of the most popular and powerful characters from the show, and this card does justice to the image of the bad boy in the series.

So, we’ve decided to give this card the much-deserved respect it deserves and shed some light on it. We’ll talk about its lore, origins, trivia, illustration, and also its current value. If that interests you, stick around.



Let’s rewind the anime clock and take a peek into Bakugo’s origins. Our explosive hero started his journey in My Hero Academia with a bang – quite literally.

Hailing from the prestigious U.A. High School, Bakugo showcased his fiery quirk from the get-go. Born with an explosive power, he quickly became one of the show’s standout characters, blending arrogance, determination, and a hint of mischief.


Did you know that Bakugo’s quirk, officially named “Explosion,” allows him to secrete nitroglycerin-like sweat, which he can then ignite to create fiery explosions? Talk about turning sweat into firepower – literally!

And here’s a tidbit for you trivia buffs: Bakugo’s hero costume isn’t just for show. The sleek design not only enhances his mobility but also incorporates specialized gauntlets to control his explosive powers more effectively. Safety first, even when you’re causing controlled chaos!


Exploding pride

Now, let’s shift our gaze to the star of the show – “The Exploding Pride” card. This masterpiece showcases Bakugo like never before. Imagine our explosive hero donning a traditional Japanese attire, bathed in a rage-induced red hue. It’s a sight to behold!

The illustration captures Bakugo’s essence perfectly – that wicked grin ready to mock or take down any challenger. The background seamlessly weaves in a festive Japanese vibe, creating a visual feast that somehow complements Bakugo’s fiery costume. It’s like watching a fireworks display of epic proportions!


Drumroll, please! As of writing this blog post, “The Exploding Pride” is setting the anime collecting scene ablaze, with a price tag hovering around $25 on reseller sites.

Considering the treasure trove of Bakugo cards unleashed last year, this value is nothing short of fantastic for fans eager to snag a piece of explosive history.

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