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RubberOnion Interviews Robert Valley: “Pear Cider & Cigarettes” Indie Animated Film, animating in Photoshop, and the importance of editing and music – RubberOnion Animation Podcast #145

Interview with Robert Valley: "Pear Cider & Cigarettes" Indie Animated Film, animating in Photoshop, and the importance of editing and music – RubberOnion Animation Podcast #145

INTERVIEW! This week we talk with illustrator and animator Robert Valley who just released an amazing Indie Animated Film “Pear Cider and Cigarettes” on Vimeo. We discussed the Kickstarter back in episode 109 and in it we said that we’d love to get him on the show… fast forward 6 months TO THE DAY (that episode was released Feb 10th and this is August 10th) and here he is! We talk the impact of music, the importance of editing, animating in photoshop, superhero oversaturation, using Kickstarter, loops, black frames, creaking doors, and coughing into your mouth (it’ll make sense).

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Topics & Timestamps:

(3:21) Music
(8:08) Voiceover
(13:00) Robert’s influences and history
(25:32) Tone
(30:44) Addiction and repetitive themes
(39:28) Animating in Photoshop
(45:33) Editing
(51:39) Perspective Drawing
(57:00) Audience Questions…
(57:13) Chris Guido: “So awesome! Big fan of Valley’s stylistic approach to his projects. I guess my question is where does he draw inspiration from? Any particular artists or works that drive his own style?”
(1:02:56) Jamil Lahham #1: ” I would like to hear about the dynamics of working with Passion Pictures. What was the relationship like? consulting? production? collaboration?”
(1:08:23) Jamil Lahham #2: “As a first time Kickstarter user I would like to hear a little about his experience with crowd funding, and any pointers for indie animation filmmakers who are considering it would be great.”
(1:18:25) Techno’s parents & friends reception and message from a fan


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