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Pokene is revolutionizing the Pokemon TCG with Japanese Cards in the US!

2021 has been an excellent year for the Pokemon TCG; we’ve received so many unique cards that it is hard to keep a count of all of them. The artwork in the TCG seems to be improving every year, and this year, it is at its peak; cards coming from this year’s sets are holding their value, and collectors aren’t very keen on selling them.

But the year isn’t over, and we still are getting new cards, possibly in the upcoming months. As this is the 25th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise, they’re leaving no stones unturned; they are putting every last ounce of their creativity into these cards!

But as we all know, the cards are always initially released in Japan first, which is the franchise’s home country. So every time we get a new set of cards, the Japanese version is already out in the market, flying off the shelves.

Now, if you’re a typical fan who doesn’t mind waiting around a couple of months for the English prints, then you have nothing to worry about. But if you’re an avid collector who wants to stay ahead in the game, these Japanese cards are an essential part of your collection. Not only will you be the first one to get them in your country, but you will be able to complete the collection before your competition.

Not only that, if you’re serious about your TCG collection, you ought to have the Japanese cards as well because they are the original cards if you think about it. People who are passionate about the game will surely love to get their hands on the Japanese cards.

But that is easier said than done; as we all know, the Japanese cards are a rarity in the USA, they are tough to get a hold of. And unless there’s some relative or friend of yours who’s living in Japan who can ship you the booster packs, the TCG cards are out of your reach. You might think in an interconnected world like ours, where we use phones made in China and drive cars made in Germany, some TCG cards would’ve been accessible. But for some reason, no one ventured into this space.

But luckily, after seeing the recent increase in demand for Japanese cards, some passionate Pokemon TCG fans have taken it upon themselves to find a solution to this problem which has been bugging thousands of Pokemon fans in the states.



Pokene is an online portal run by amazing people who want to deliver the Japanese TCG packs to you. They have a ton of Japanese Pokemon TCG cards, but they also have a ton of other exciting stuff as well, like the Yu-Gi-Oh cards!  For Pokemon you can choose between Individual Pokemon Packs, Pokemon Boxes, Pokemon Bundles and more.

And you know what the best part is, sometimes you might even get these cards for cheaper than the English counterparts, because of the reprints. This new venture is changing the outlook of TCG collectors as now they have effortless access to Japanese cards, now this is what revolutionizing the game means!

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