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Kyoka Jiro Alternate Art From My Hero Academia: Jet Burn Revealed

The Kyoka Jiro Alternate Art is a part of the My Hero Academia Jet Burn expansion pack, which is set to release soon.

This expansion features some truly awesome cards, and the Jiro card is one of them.

It has garnered considerable hype, leading to an increase in its value. We are here to decipher what this price might look like in the future, so let’s dive right in!


Kyoka Jiro’s origins can be traced back to the brilliant mind of Kohei Horikoshi, the creator of My Hero Academia.

As a character in the series, Kyoka possesses the unique Quirk known as “Earphone Jack,” which allows her to turn her earlobes into powerful, jack-like appendages.

With these, she can amplify and channel soundwaves, making her a formidable hero with both offensive and defensive capabilities.


Now, for a fun fact about Kyoka Jiro – the character’s appearance is inspired by the rock music genre.

Her costume, hairstyle, and overall demeanor mirror the edgy and rebellious style of a rock star.

This fusion of heroism and rock culture gives her a distinct and memorable presence.


Kyoka Jiro Alternate Art

The Kyoka Jiro Alternate Art card beautifully captures the essence of this electrifying hero. In her illustration, you’ll find Kyoka standing confidently in a simple yet alluring pose. What sets this artwork apart is its understated elegance.

Her costume, a departure from the traditional school uniform, is chic and stylish. It’s an outfit that reflects her individuality and showcases her personality.

The background of the card complements Kyoka perfectly.

It contrasts with her outfit in a way that makes her pop out, drawing your attention to her character.

It’s a delightful blend of colors and design that adds to the overall appeal of the card.

To top it off, this card is a holo foil, which means it shimmers and shines in your hand. The foil effect elevates the illustration to a whole new level, making it a must-have for collectors and fans of Kyoka Jiro.


Now, let’s talk about the value of the Kyoka Jiro Alternate Art card. Predicting exact values in the world of collectible card games is hard.

However, with our knowledge and experience, we make educated guesses based on past data and trends.

Kyoka Jiro, while a beloved character, may not be the most popular in the series. Nevertheless, this Alternate Art card is a gem that collectors and enthusiasts will cherish.

We estimate that its value may range from $10 to $20. But remember, this is just an estimate, and the actual value may vary based on demand and other factors.

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