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Falling Skies XSR From My Hero Academia: Jet Burn

In the My Hero Academia Jet Burn expansion, there’s one card that’s truly soaring high above the rest – the Falling Skies XSR. Featuring the gravity-defying hero Ochaco Uraraka from UA High, this card has quickly become the shining star and the best-selling gem of the entire expansion.

So lets delve into the origins, uncovering intriguing trivia about Ochaco’s quirk, reveling in the fantastic illustration, and understanding the sky-high value that has collectors and fans alike clamoring for it.



Ochaco Uraraka, a beloved character from UA High School, graces the Falling Skies XSR with her presence. Her origin story is intertwined with the challenges and triumphs of her journey to becoming a hero.

From her initial encounters with the quirks of her classmates to the development of her unique and gravity-altering power, Ochaco’s character arc is both endearing and inspiring.


Now, let’s unveil some delightful trivia about Ochaco’s quirk – Zero Gravity. This remarkable ability allows her to make objects weightless by removing their gravitational pull.

Imagine the convenience of effortlessly floating through the air or manipulating the environment with a simple touch.


Falling Skies XSR

The Falling Skies XSR presents Ochaco Uraraka in all her hero glory. The costume is a perfect reflection of her character, capturing the essence of her abilities and personality. The gentle yet effective power of pink radiates from the illustration, highlighting Ochaco’s determination and resilience.

In this dynamic portrayal, she is seen in action, possibly making the stones beneath her floaty and ready to drop them on unsuspecting enemies. The joy of witnessing our heroes in action is encapsulated in this card, explaining why it has quickly become the crown jewel of the expansion.


As of writing this post, the Falling Skies XSR is commanding an astounding $90-100 on the market. This price tag is nothing short of incredible for a card that was released just a few days ago.

The hype surrounding this particular card is unprecedented, making it a rare and highly sought-after collectible. I

f you’re hoping to add this gem to your collection, good luck finding it in your next booster – it’s like searching for a hero in a bustling city!

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