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All Might (True Form) Alt Art From My Hero Academia: Jet Burn

The “All Might (True Form) Alt Art” is a noteworthy addition to the recently released My Hero Academia Jet Burn expansion, featuring some impressive cards. The Alt Art for All Might (True Form) is generating considerable excitement, and rightfully so – it’s All Might, albeit in his normal form.

Despite not being his most iconic appearance, fans still hold great affection for this character. Today, we’ve decided to conduct a comprehensive forensic survey of this card; rest assured, no cards were harmed in the process.

We’ll delve into the origins of All Might, share some fun trivia, and examine the illustration. These elements collectively contribute to determining the card’s value, so let’s dive in!


all might true form

Before diving into the card itself, let’s explore the origins of All Might, the towering figure in the world of My Hero Academia. All Might, originally named Toshinori Yagi, inherited the One For All Quirk and became the Symbol of Peace, dedicated to protecting society from villainous threats.

His journey from a young, ambitious hero to the Symbol of Peace is an epic tale that resonates with fans worldwide.


Now, for some fun trivia! All Might’s True Form, as depicted in this alt art, reveals a unique aspect of his character – the transformation from his mighty hero form to his true, somewhat less imposing state.

The fact that All Might reverts to a more vulnerable appearance after utilizing his immense power adds depth to his character and showcases the sacrifices heroes make for the greater good.


All Might (True Form) Alt Art

The All Might (True Form) Alt Art takes a whimsical approach, presenting the indomitable hero in a festive hoodie – a departure from his usual hero attire.

The illustration captures a rare, casual side of All Might, as if he’s taking a break from saving the day to embrace the holiday spirit.

The holographic background adds an extra layer of dynamism, making this alt art a visually striking addition to any collection.

While All Might may look a bit different in this form, his enduring spirit and commitment to heroism shine through, making this alt art a delightful and unique representation of the Symbol of Peace.


Now, let’s talk numbers. The All Might (True Form) Alt Art is generating significant interest among collectors and fans alike. Priced at around $20-30 on reseller sites, the card’s value reflects the widespread appeal of having All Might in his true form, adorned in a festive hoodie.

The iconic nature of the character, coupled with the rarity of this alt art, makes it a desirable piece for enthusiasts looking to add a touch of All Might’s uniqueness to their collections.

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