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Best Student Cards From My Hero Academia: Jet Burn!

Get ready, heroes and villains, because My Hero Academia: Jet Burn expansion is about to hit the scene with a bang!

And guess what? We’ve got a scoop on the best student cards you absolutely need in your collection. So, grab your capes and let’s dive into the action!

My Hero Academia: Jet Burn Best Student Cards


First up, we’ve got the one and only Izuku Midoriya. This new Character Card is all about charge attacks. Izuku is here to enhance your ability to ready a rival’s foundation and draw cards when it’s charge attack time.

It’s like he’s saying, “I’ve got your back, fellow heroes! Let’s charge into battle together!” One of the best in My Hero Academia: Jet Burn


Next, we’ve got the explosive Katsuki Bakugo returning to UniVersus with a vengeance. He’s all about card-pool clear and delivering big, fiery damage. With his once-per-turn enhance ability to discard cards and make rivals discard, he’s here to clear the way for victory.

And guess what? His response boosts fury attacks by +3 damage when their damage is decreased. Talk about turning up the heat!


But wait, there’s more! The My Hero Academia: Jet Burn expansion also features Jiro, who is here to steal the show with her “Applause Counters” strategy.

She’s all about slowing down rival attacks, sealing foundations, and readying committed foundations. And if you manage to collect 25 applause counters, she declares, “I Am A Hero, Too!” for the win. It’s like a rock concert with seismic soundwaves!


Shoto Todoroki is another standout student with his focus on sealing rival foundations.

He’s got the power to seal rival foundations after playing a Ranged card, and his attack strength increases for each sealed rival foundation.

It’s like he’s turning the heat up on his opponents, one icy blast at a time.


And don’t forget about Tsuyu Asui! Her abilities encourage wide attacks, allowing you to draw a card and give an attack +1 damage when committed.

Plus, she can ready herself when an attack is blocked and even discard a card to remove an attack from the card pool.

She’s all about agility and adaptability in the heat of battle.

My Hero Academia: Jet Burn Release Date

Now, let’s talk about the Jet Burn release information because we know you can’t wait to get your hands on these amazing cards.

The prerelease is coming soon, so mark your calendars for the official release date on November 17th, 2023.

But here’s a little secret for you – local game stores will have these cards from Jet Burn available starting on November 10th, 2023. So, you might just get a head start on building your unbeatable deck!

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