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Best Jeanist From My Hero Academia: Jet Burn revealed!

My Hero Academy: Jet Burn” is the next big expansion in the MHA CCG, which kicked off just a few years back. Since its inception, the card game has been on a steady rise. With this upcoming expansion, UVS aims to not just refresh the game but give it a complete makeover, from gameplay to the entire look of the cards.

As a token of appreciation to our wonderful community, they’ve been gifting new cards to some popular MHA influencers for them to unveil. Recently, one of these cards was revealed, and it features the pro hero, Best Jeanist. Let’s dive right into it!


Pro Hero Tsunagu Hakamada, aka “Best Jeanist,” ranks third in the hero world, having previously held fourth place. His Quirk, Fiber Master, lets him control fabric threads, making him an expert at subduing foes. He’s known for his stylish and charismatic persona, spreading peace while facing formidable villains like Gigantomachia.


The new layout of the MHA Card looks much cleaner compared to the older version, which had too much going on. Simplifying the layout puts more focus on the real stars of the show—the characters, like this Best Jeanist card, for example. With the new layout, the Pro Hero looks much better than the characters in the older versions.

As for the illustration itself, Best Jeanist looks as clean and sleek as ever, just like the way he dresses. Every sleeve, every button, every piece of his outfit is impeccably maintained. Just by looking at this card, you’d instantly grasp his style, and it’s all about those jeans!

However, we’ve seen better cards in the past, so let’s hope for an even better Best Jeanist card when the pack drops. Because you see, dressing well isn’t the only thing he’s known for; this man can kick some serious butt!


When it comes to the card’s value, it’s something we won’t know for sure until the set is released and we see how the market reacts. But if we were to make an educated guess, a value of $5-10 should be expected at most. There might be a better version of Best Jeanist in the set that could overshadow this one.

Read about the card changes here – UVS Games: A New Era for Universus Collectible Card Game

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