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The Art Of Quirk Creation Promo From My Hero Academia Universus

The Quirk Creation Promo is rocking the My Hero Academia 2023 Nationals Promo scene, turning heads in the community for being downright awesome and carrying a hefty price tag. So, let’s give this card the spotlight it deserves!

We’re diving deep into its trivia, checking out where it came from, admiring those cool illustrations, and, of course, spilling the tea on its value. Buckle up, because we’re about to take a fun ride!


Momo Yaoyorozu’s journey begins at U.A. High School, where she hones her quirk, Creation, the power to manifest any non-living object from her exposed skin.

Born in a prestigious family, Momo faced the pressure to live up to expectations, eventually emerging as one of Class 1-A’s most formidable heroes-in-training. Her journey showcases not only her mastery of the quirk but also her growth as a confident and resourceful hero.


Behind the scenes, Momo is more than just a quirk-wielding hero. Did you know that her hero costume features a utility belt that can create small accessories? Talk about fashion and function!

Additionally, Momo is renowned for her exceptional academic prowess, securing her spot as one of the top students at U.A. High. Her character, crafted with both intelligence and courage, adds a unique flavor to the hero mix.


The Quirk Creation Promo captures Momo in a stunning red Japanese traditional attire, a departure from her usual reserved demeanor. She radiates confidence and elegance in this bold avatar, a side of Momo rarely seen.

The red-on-red combination shouldn’t work, but it does – flawlessly. The traditional Japanese graphics in the background elevate the entire illustration, creating a visually striking card that stands out from the crowd.

Momo’s knack for style extends beyond her quirk, proving she’s not just a hero but a fashion icon in her own right.


As of crafting this blog post, the Quirk Creation Promo has become a sought-after gem in the market, commanding an impressive price tag of around $40 on resale sites. The frenzy surrounding this card is a testament to the insatiable appetite fans have for Momo’s captivating presence in the Jet Burn expansion. The red-hot demand for Momo’s cards showcases the unwavering admiration fans hold for this remarkable hero.

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