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The Art Of Citywide Tensions Promo From My Hero Academia Universus

In a world overflowing with quirks, where heroes and villains bask in the limelight, the “Citywide Tensions” card from the My Hero Academia Universus Promo set takes a delightful detour.

Instead of thrusting caped champions and menacing antagonists into the spotlight, it shifts the focus to the unsung heroes of the MHA universe – the everyday citizens ensnared in the whirlwind of chaos.


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To grasp the true essence of the “Citywide Tensions” card, we must rewind to the origins of quirks. These superhuman abilities manifested suddenly in a segment of the population, a spontaneous change that altered the course of ordinary lives.

Some embraced their newfound powers for heroic deeds, while others succumbed to the allure of villainy.


The MHA universe, despite its fantastical elements, mirrors our own in remarkable ways. The chaos induced by quirks frequently leads to city-wide tensions. Heroes and villains clash in monumental battles, leaving behind a trail of destruction.

However, amid the pandemonium, there are those who opt for a simpler existence. These individuals, possessing quirks, choose normalcy over the tumultuous life of a hero or villain. They form the backbone of society, contributing in quieter, more understated ways.

While heroes and villains grab the headlines, the baker with the power to manipulate dough or the librarian with telekinetic book-organizing abilities are equally vital. The “City Wide Tensions” card encapsulates this duality – the extraordinary and the mundane coexisting harmoniously.


citywide tensions

The soul of the “Citywide Tensions” card lies in its poignant illustration. Unlike its counterparts that spotlight battles between titans, this promo card zeroes in on the terror-stricken faces of regular citizens.

The somber hues and expressions of terror create a vivid contrast to the usual vibrant heroism of My Hero Academia.

It powerfully depicts the fear experienced by normal citizens when chaos erupts. The absence of recognizable heroes or villains accentuates that these are everyday people confronting extraordinary circumstances.

It’s a moving reminder that heroism extends beyond flashy quirks and costumes.


Now, let’s discuss the unexpected value of this distinctive card. As of this blog post, “City Wide Tensions” commands a respectable $10 on various reseller sites. What makes this even more remarkable is the absence of familiar faces on the card.

It attests to the card’s ability to resonate with fans, underlining the significance of the ordinary in an extraordinary world.

This card’s value isn’t just in its rarity but in its narrative – a reminder that heroism takes diverse forms, often found in the everyday choices of ordinary people.

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