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Nejire Hado Alternate Art from My Hero Academia: Jet Burn Revealed!

The Nejire Hado Alternate Art is a part of the Jet Burn expansion pack, and it’s home to some seriously crazy cards.

This card has generated an unbelievable amount of excitement ever since its release.

So, we thought, why not take a closer look and figure out what makes this card so darn special?


Before we dive into the captivating artwork and fun facts, let’s explore the origins of Nejire Hado. In the My Hero Academia universe, Nejire Hado is a charismatic character with a quirk that’s nothing short of spectacular.

She possesses the ability to convert vitality into raw energy, unleashing devastating waves of power. Imagine her as a real-life battery, brimming with boundless energy!


Nejire Hado, despite being a tertiary character in the My Hero Academia series, has garnered a significant following. Here are some intriguing trivia tidbits about our radiant hero –

Nejire’s quirk, called “Wave Motion,” allows her to fire shockwaves from her hands, giving her incredible maneuverability and devastating combat prowess.


Nejire Hado

The Nejire Hado Alternate Art card is part of the Jet Burn expansion for My Hero Academia’s Collectible Card Game. This captivating card showcases Nejire Hado in a casual outfit, a refreshing departure from the usual hero costumes and school uniforms you might be used to. It’s like seeing your favorite superhero in their everyday life!

The background of the illustration complements Nejire’s aura perfectly. A blend of vibrant colors and subtle details makes this card truly pop. To make it even more magical, the Nejire Hado Alternate Art card is foil, promising an eye-catching shimmer that will undoubtedly catch the light in all the right ways.


Now, let’s talk about the value of this fantastic card. As it’s one of the first Nejire Hado cards in the Jet Burn expansion, we’re sailing into somewhat uncharted territory. But given Nejire Hado’s popularity and the appeal of this beautiful alternate art, an educated guess puts its value in the range of $10 to $20.

However, please note that prices can fluctuate, so keep an eye on the market for any surprises!

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