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Fan Favorite Promo From My Hero Academia Universus

In the Universus card game, the Fan Favorite has emerged as a standout promo card, featuring none other than the beloved hero, Hawks.

Known for his popularity not only within the MHA universe but also in our real world, Hawks takes center stage in a card that’s causing a buzz.

So, let’s dive into every nook and cranny of this card, exploring its origins, uncovering interesting trivia about Hawks, dissecting the heartwarming illustration, and taking a speculative peek at its potential value.



The story of the Fan Favorite begins with the origins of Hawks. A hero with unparalleled agility and a quirk that allows him to control and manipulate feathers, Hawks has swiftly soared into the hearts of fans worldwide.

Born Keigo Takami, he rose through the ranks to become the number two hero, earning accolades for his remarkable skills and charismatic persona.


Shifting gears to some light-hearted trivia, did you know that Hawks holds the record for the fastest hero in the My Hero Academia universe? His feathered wings enable him to move at incredible speeds, setting him apart in the hero community. Additionally, Hawks’ quirk allows him not only to fly with precision but also to control each feather individually, showcasing a level of finesse that adds to his heroic charm.


fan favorite

Now, let’s turn our attention to the heartwarming illustration featured on the Fan Favorite card. Picture this: Hawks taking a selfie with one of his many fans. This card provides a unique and wholesome glimpse into the MHA universe, offering a perspective beyond the epic battles between heroes and villains.

It’s a snapshot of real interactions, showing how the lives of everyday people are touched by the ongoing conflict between good and evil.

The illustration beautifully captures Hawks’ friendly and outgoing nature. Despite the constant responsibilities and challenges that come with being a hero, Hawks takes a moment to enjoy life and connect with those who admire him.

It’s a testament to his character, showcasing a hero who, despite the weight of his duties, finds joy in simple and genuine moments.


As we speculate on the potential value of the Fan Favorite card, it’s important to note that while the illustration adds a wholesome touch, it might not be considered the pinnacle of Hawks’ card art. However, being a promo card adds a layer of exclusivity that collectors often appreciate.

While the current market may not place it at the top tier, the uniqueness of the card could contribute to its future value. Conservatively, we might estimate a potential value of $10 down the line, though the reality could see it land slightly lower. As always, take this prediction with a grain of salt, recognizing the dynamic nature of the card-collecting landscape.

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