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Cool And Tough Promo From MHA Pro Hero Nationals 2023

The “Cool and Tough” promo is a part of the MHA Universus Pro Hero Nationals 2023 and has quickly become a fan favorite, thanks to its amazing illustration. The card features Kyoka Jiro, also known as Earphone Jack—the girl with the musical ears.

The card’s impressive design led us to dedicate an entire article to its awesomeness. In this piece, we will delve into the origins of the card, sprinkle in some trivia about the illustration, and attempt to predict its future value.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!


earphone jack

First up, let’s rewind and look at the roots of this awesome card. Kyoka Jiro, the Earphone Jack hero, has come a long way since her days at U.A. High School. With the ability to turn her earlobes into powerful jacks, Jiro rocks the hero scene with both style and substance.

Her journey from a student in Class 1-A to a pro hero is nothing short of inspiring. The Cool and Tough promo captures a snapshot of Jiro’s hero evolution, giving fans a glimpse into her ongoing musical journey.


Time for a quick detour into trivia town! Did you know that Kyoka Jiro’s hero name, Earphone Jack, wasn’t her first choice? Initially, she wanted to go by the name “Hearing Hero: Earphone Jack,” but Midnight suggested the snappier version we know and love today.

Also, Jiro is a classically trained musician, and her heartbeat syncs with the tempo of the music she’s listening to. Talk about being in tune with your powers!


cool and tough promo

Now, let’s talk visuals. The Cool and Tough promo throws a curveball with its fresh take on Jiro’s aesthetic. We’re used to seeing her rocking an alternative, punk-rock vibe, but this time, it’s a whole new Jiro. Dressed in traditional Japanese attire, Jiro looks absolutely stunning. It’s like she stepped out of a different era and into a modern hero celebration.

The original illustration adds immense value to the card, proving it’s not just a recycled anime screenshot – it’s a unique masterpiece. The backdrop featuring Japanese art elements makes Jiro stand out even more, giving the card an overall festive and vibrant feel. Who knew Earphone Jack could pull off the traditional look with such flair?


Now, onto the big question – what’s the market groove for this rad promo card? Predicting the future is no easy task, but armed with historical data, we’re taking an educated guess.

The Cool and Tough promo, given its uniqueness and Jiro’s popularity, might find itself in the $20-30 ballpark. Keep in mind, it’s just a prediction – not a crystal ball revelation. The market, much like Jiro’s playlist, can surprise us!

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