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Art of My Hero Academia: Ultimate Combination (XR) (All for one) from My Hero Academia League Of Villains!

Since its release, the My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game (CCG) has been a huge hit with fans of the franchise. The game’s popularity has led to a dedicated following, and the creators are constantly striving to improve the cards they release.

One card that has been causing a stir in the CCG world is the Ultimate Combination (XR) – it’s hotter than Endeavor’s flame!

This powerful card features the ultimate villain of the My Hero Academia universe, All For One. As the archenemy of All Might, he was responsible for the legendary hero’s untimely retirement. All For One’s strength is so immense that even the bravest of heroes tremble at the mere thought of facing him. With such an iconic character as its centerpiece, it’s no wonder that the Ultimate Combination (XR) is flying off the shelves.

So, what makes this card so valuable? Well, that’s what we’re here to uncover, so let’s dive right into it!

All For One

Introducing the ultimate villain of My Hero Academia manga and anime series, the one and only All For One! This notorious baddie puts the Joker to shame with his cunning intellect and sinister ways.

As the founder and benefactor of the League of Villains, All For One is a force to be reckoned with. Even the mighty All Might struggled to defeat him in battle (though we all know how that ended).

Despite his villainous ways, All For One’s past remains shrouded in mystery, including his true identity. However, we do know that he harbors a deep-seated sibling rivalry with his younger brother. His insatiable desire to possess his brother’s Quirk, One For All, is what drives him to cause chaos and destruction in the world.

As if that wasn’t enough, he also serves as a mentor to the League of Villains’ rising star, Tomura Shigaraki. All For One truly embodies the saying “evil knows no bounds.”


The expansion features a lot of cards with All for one, here are some of our favorites:



The card features an intense moment in the battle between All For One and All Might. All For One is giving it his all, with nothing left to lose as he’s on the verge of defeat.

However, All For One is one tough cookie, and he unleashes his devastating ‘Ultimate Combination’ move! This attack was so fierce that it was the reason for All Might’s forced retirement. The illustration on the card does an excellent job of capturing the intensity of this pivotal moment in the series.

It’s interesting to note that All For One’s ‘Ultimate Combination’ move is one of the most powerful moves in the My Hero Academia universe. It allows him to combine multiple quirks and use them simultaneously, making him an unstoppable force. This move is a testament to the sheer power and cunning of the ultimate villain in the series.

Overall, this card is a fantastic addition to any My Hero Academia fan’s collection. The illustration perfectly captures the intensity of this iconic moment in the series, and the card’s abilities make it a formidable addition to any deck.


As of writing this blog post, the Ultimate Combination (XR) card has been selling for around $20, which is a significant increase from its original price of $2. While this may not seem like a lot, it’s important to note that this is a substantial jump in value. The expansion’s release hasn’t happened everywhere yet, so as more people get their hands on these cards, the more they start to appreciate the Ultimate Combination (XR).

It’s interesting to see how the value of My Hero Academia CCG cards can fluctuate over time. As the game gains more popularity, certain cards become more sought after, and their value increases. This is especially true for rare and powerful cards like the Ultimate Combination (XR), which can be a game-changer in any deck.

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