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Fantasy Drawing Inspired by The Subconscious

  A selection of 7 artists from Yesterday and Today that are continuing to inspire the charm of the surreal. 1) Giovanni Battista Tiepolo Giambattista Tiepolo was recognized by contemporaries throughout Europe as the greatest painter of large-scale decorative frescoes in the 1700s. His luminous, poetic frescoes, while extending the …

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The Art Of Solving Antibiotic Overuse in America

Antibiotic Overuse

  A Brief Introduction to Antibiotic Overuse and Its Affect Antibiotic overuse, and the increase in bacteria resistant to antibiotics, is one of the biggest health threats we face today. While humans are a bit more informed in 2019 about the repercussions that  accompany the abuse and misuse of antibiotics, …

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