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Talking about Animation & the Oscars, and a spotlight on Ross Bollinger creator of Pencilmation – RubberOnion Animation Podcast #122


animation and the oscars, 2d vs 3d, homer simpson live, and pencilmation creator spotlight ross bollinger on rubberonion animation podcast episode 122 with stephen brooks and rob yulfo
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SEGMENT EPISODE! Since the Oscars were last weekend we talked about Animation & the Oscars throughout history, we get an audience question about the 2D vs 3D “rivalry” and apparently Homer Simpson will be LIVE for the first time in an episode in May. This week is a fun combination of a segment episode and a hot cocoa show actually due to the return of a neglected segment… “slow burn!” We also have another Creator Spotlight on the mind behind the awesome Pencilmation series, Ross Bollinger. Enjoy this fun episode and one that has one of my favorite titles ever (you’ll find out why when you listen).

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Topics & Timestamps:

(5:11) “How You Doin”
(8:05) New Zealand Dildo Attack
(12:18) Animation News of the Week…
(23:45) Slow Burn: Animation and the Oscars
(1:23:35) Audience Question: “I often wondered if there were any cartoons that didn’t have an interesting storyline, because the artists involved just put scenes in it that were interesting and challenging to draw/animate, but didn’t turn out to be fun for an audience to actually watch?” ~Benjamin Shelley


Media Referenced During this Episode:

Ross Bollinger’s “Pencilmation” series

Our Movie Review of THE CROODS where we talk about the VFX issue (35:35)


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Stephen Brooks
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