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Interview with Harry Partridge – RubberOnion Animation Podcast #121


harry partridge interview about his animation, flash vs toonboom, youtube vs newgrounds, internet controversy and more on episode 121 of the RubberOnion Animation Podcast with Stephen Brooks and Rob Yulfo
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This week we have a very special interview with animator Harry Partridge (see below for a small selection of his works). We talk about YouTube comments, using Flash and ToonBoom, how following his own path helped him find success, money and “batboobs.” We had so much fun recording this episode and I think there’s a lot here for new and experienced Indie animators to learn from… so enjoy the show!

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Topics & Timestamps:

(3:50) Flash & ToonBoom
(7:30) Where you learned animation
(16:36) Go Animate
(19:15) YouTube & Twitter comments
(24:38) Social Issues & the changing landscape
(32:32) YouTube copyright and recent changes
(35:30) Talking Money and that CartoonBrew post


(42:38) Lamont Wayne: “YouTube’s changes in their policies and compensation and how that’s affected him and the other Newgrounds animators.”
(46:18) Alex Dudley: “A lot of animators have found great success in making fan animations and parodies. What does one need to do to get their original creations a chance to reach that same success, or is it even possible at this point?”
(48:53) Christian Kelly: “Do you ever feel bad that there is so much art to appreciate with all the time and hard work put into it but, not enough time to appreciate it all?”
(51:02) Joel Townsend: “Your song about animation, you said you wanted to make movies but you turned to animation instead. Is that really true? How old were you when you made that switch?”
(53:45) Ronald Chaparro: “Starbarians update?”
(55:42) James T Nethery: “how does Harry stay sane when his fans are constantly bothering him over social media about when the next cartoon will come out? Does that push him to animate faster or does he ignore it and keep going at the same pace he always does?”
(1:01:24) Sam Albro: “How does he balance his level of polish with the demands of the online audience?”
(1:05:42) Alex Harvey: “What’s your view on the 2D feature animation climate? Do you think that it could make a successful comeback, with both Brad Bird and Laika’s Travis Knight mentioning that their interested in doing 2D features, and now the Dragon’s Lair campaign? Would you want to ever make a 2D animated feature?
Also, please can you send him a big hello from everyone on the Animation BA course here at UCA Farnham for me! ;D”
(1:09:99) Alex Fox: “When the next few episodes of Starbarians are finally completed and released will you release a Kickstarter or Patreon as you’ve kinda mentioned about it on Newgrounds?”
(1:12:52) Sam Freeman: “What would you say to your old university tutors now that you have more recognition in the animation community then they do?”


Media Referenced During this Episode:

Saturday Morning Watchmen

RiffTrax Live Intro

With Animation You Can

Starbarians Playlist


Go Animate! An Animation Revolution

The American Akira


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