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How to Make More Money When You Hit Your Freelance Plateau – RubberOnion Animation Podcast #117


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This week for art 3 of the RubberOnion Freelance School we’re talking about the likely goal in your third year: making more money. There are a lot of things that you can do to shake up the status quo and get some more green in the bank but the number one item is to charge more. That, however, is much harder to do than to say so let us break it all down for you and give you tips, stories, analogies and metaphors to help you set your monetary goals and meet them!

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Listen for clay head, “eben” flow, plateau-sneeze, live ‘n let die, the painting elephant that will die now, and “grammar… it’s hard.”

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Topics & Timestamps:

(6:53) The big difference between freelancing and a salary-job
(11:11) The “diet” analogy
(14:59) The Artists’ Pay Insecurity
(22:13) Modern art example
(28:10) Plateau
(33:18) How to define “career progress”
(38:52) Setting the goals you need
(41:55) The Red Bull example
(47:42) Charging per-hour vs per-project
(55:42) Tips on how to raise your rate
(1:10:51) Opposite approach: making a lateral move
(1:18:05) The real reason one animation makes more than another of the same quality


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Stephen Brooks
Stephen Brooks is a freelance animator in NYC that specializes in a hand-drawn style. Being a professional since 2005, he also produces indie shorts with self-made music, sound fx & voices. Lately Stephen has taken to introducing others to animation with production VLOGs, a podcast, instructional videos and is writing a book on traditional principles in a digital world. View his animation work www.rubberonion.com

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