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How to Create Your Brand as a Freelance Animator – RubberOnion Animation Podcast #106


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After last week’s surprise interview with Don Bluth, we’re back with part 2 of the RubberOnion Freelance School and this time we’re talking about what would be the goal in your second year: creating your brand. We talk about using your own personality and voice to shape the tone of your brand, how to market yourself, the importance and limitations of a niche market and a bunch more.

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Listen for floating and hammocks, Gary Oldman Craigslist, Rob’s Baked Buttered Beans, and Rabbi Schwarzenegger

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Topics & Timestamps:

(7:52) Recap of the previous Freelance School (#1)
(13:34) The word: Brand
(19:11) Using a Niche Market
(21:51) Arnold Schwarzenegger
(27:07) Analyzing last year’s data
(31:37) Using a personal style
(34:18) The “jack-of-all-trades” marketing problem
(37:45) Using the same name as a moniker and business name
(41:05) What’s unique about you
(44:21) Branding… the verb
(48:36) Having a business “voice”
(51:01) Logos, Style, and Tagline
(58:10) Marketing, and what to do with a scattered presence
(1:09:46) What can you do that people want?
(1:14:38) Shifting your brand when it stops working for you
(1:17:46) Testing the success of your brand approach
(1:22:50) Using your voice
(1:28:17) Putting it all together


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Stephen Brooks
Stephen Brooks is a freelance animator in NYC that specializes in a hand-drawn style. Being a professional since 2005, he also produces indie shorts with self-made music, sound fx & voices. Lately Stephen has taken to introducing others to animation with production VLOGs, a podcast, instructional videos and is writing a book on traditional principles in a digital world. View his animation work www.rubberonion.com

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