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Doug Bresler Interview – creator of Doogtoons, Ask a Ninja, and Animation Ninja


Interview with Doug Bresler, animator behind Doogtoons and the host of the podcast Animation Ninja - episode 110 of the RubberOnion Animation Podcast with Stephen Brooks and Rob Yulfo
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This week is our Doug Bresler interview, creator of Doogtoons and his new podcast Animation Ninja! This is a new one for us because the day we recorded this episode, Doug ALSO interviewed us for his podcast and part 1 of that interview is going up on the same day as this one (you can check that episode out right here!) We talk with Doug about his fascinating path through the early internet animation landscape and if that’s transferable to today, his relationship with Weird Al Yankovic and how THAT came about, he drops one of my favorite metaphors ever and he gives advice on things like when to take a job, when you might want an entertainment lawyer, and a bunch more!

Listen for sharks and dolphins, “clean set,” the Trapped in the Drive-Thru story, and the fact that nobody is Gargamel.

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Topics & Timestamps:

(6:30) L.B. Rayne
(14:33) Securing rights to put videos on his own YouTube channel
(28:35) Saving time in producing animation
(46:00) Talking Lawyer & Interns
(55:25) Paying your dues… and avoiding them
(1:09:22) Doug’s amazing career path
(1:11:30) Sharks & Dolphins, a metaphor
(1:13:51) Learning from working in Live-Action
(1:22:14) Hybrid cartoon/live-action interview workflow
(1:25:11) “Do you like animation?”
(1:31:26) Animation podcasts and final words

Media Referenced During this Episode:

Music Video Doug made for “WEIRD AL” YANKOVIC’s – Trapped in the Drive-Thru

“WEIRD AL” YANKOVIC – Al’s Childhood

L.B. RAYNE – Terminate Our Love

JONATHAN KATZ – Holding for Miss Kiley

THE MAZE RUNNER Cast Interview

L.B. RAYNE – Where No Man’s Been Before (feat. “Weird Al” Yankovic)


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