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Adobe Flash is Dead, long live Adobe Animate – Gravity Falls is ending – Spotlight on animator Jamil Lahham


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SEGMENT EPISODE! Adobe Flash is dead and rebranding as Adobe Animate, Stephen went to the Manchester Animation Festival & CTNx 2015, Gravity Falls is ending and Disney released an awesome clip from the upcoming movie Zootopia, we do our first ever ‘Creator Spotlight’ on animator Jamil Lahham for his animated short “Dirty Laundry Day,” we take an audience question, and finally we cover the rest of the stories which broke in November with Rapid Fire!

Listen for The Krunkus, “oh my god… they Kilkenny,” slow loris THX and “they’ll probly pulla peanuz.”

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Topics & Timestamps:

(9:57)  Stephen went to the Manchester Animation Festival
(15:40)  … and also CTNx 2015 in Burbank, where we had our RubberOnion meetup with you listeners!
(23:51)  Animation News of the Week…
(1:00:00)  Creator Spotlight – Jamil Lahham “Dirty Laundry Day”
(1:36:34)  RubberOnion’s FIRST EVER “Animation Battle” – call for topics!
(1:42:21)  Audience Question: “It’s good advice to consume and produce art outside of your primary medium. So what kind of non-animation creative media (writing, sculpture, theater, painting, music, etc.) do you make? (assuming you do, of course)” ~Jason van Gumster
(1:52:08)  RAPID FIRE!!!!!!!


Media Referenced During this Episode:

CREATOR SPOTLIGHT: Jamil Lahham’s animated short “Dirty Laundry Day”

Instagram image referenced at the 15min mark

A photo posted by Stephen Brooks (@rubberonion) on

Adobe Animate CC announcement video

Zootopia “sloth” trailer

Slow Loris THX (watch with us at 29:41!)

Ice Age: Collision Course Animated Short “Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe”

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