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Interview with New Zealand artists Ryan Cooper, Alex Leighton & Tim Evans of “Mukpuddy” – creators of ‘The Barefoot Bandits’


new zealand animation studio mukpuddy interview ryan cooper alex leighton tim evans about barefoot bandets cartoon on the rubberonion animation podcast
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Out in the land of New Zealand, modern land of zeal, there exists an animation studio called… Mukpuddy. Formed by the collective might of Ryan Cooper, Alex Leighton and Tim Evans they make cartoons with a distinctive style and a prolific speed. They took the time out from their morning in the future to our nighttime (because as it turns out, Earth rotates… pun) to talk with us about their new studio space and their brand new, full half-hour animated series The Barefoot Bandits!

Listen for false accusation, guessing emails, Homer Simpson, “Casey Kasem’s” grinder outing, and poo runner taking a backseat (and nobody even noticed that was said, which surprises me)

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Topics & Timestamps:

(3:49)  Who is Mukpuddy… actually, what’s a “mukpuddy?”
(14:25)  Starting a studio in a pre-YouTube world
(22:07)  On the virtue of being naive
(29:14)  What is the dynamic like between the 3 of them? Do they ever fight?
(33:15)  Finding what everyone’s good at and having a Mukpuddy style
(37:40)  Growing for their new series The Barefoot Bandets
(40:31)  Their new studio!
(46:11)  How did they get their own series?
(53:47)  A quick recap of their studio timeline
(57:04)  Their experiences with the 48hr Film Festival
(1:10:27)  Pocket Protectors and Crumbs
(1:59:05)  “What are you most proud of?” ~Stephen
(2:02:05)  “Do you have personal work outside of Mukpuddy?” ~Rob


Media Referenced During this Episode:

All four “48hr Film Fest” Shorts (newest to oldest)

Pocket Protectors playlist

C.R.U.M.B.S. playlist


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