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Disney’s D23 Expo animated film presentations: Moana + Toy Story 4 + Finding Dory + Zootopia + more!


This weekend was Disney’s D23 Expo presentation so we discuss all the information that came out of that… live-action remakes, sequels, and the incredible line-up on Disney and Pixar animation film slate all the way to 2018! Stephen starts the show by giving a mini-review on the British re-dub of the Argentinian animated film “Metagol” (which in the UK is called “Unbeatables”), Rob tells a story about having poop on his shoe and Pat breaks some news. Then we’re off talking about how Furries love Zootopia, why Cars 2 might get too much hate, if Donald Trump was producing the upcoming Dia de los Muertos inspired Pixar movie “Coco” and the problem with trying to make the “definitive” version of a fairy tale. Enjoy the show!



(5:13)   Stephen saw “Unbeatables” on Netflix, which is the British dub of “Metagol” which is coming out in the US as “Underdogs”
(14:16)   Pat’s announcement
(37:48)   Zootopia
(42:30)   Gigantic
(45:56)   Moana
(54:33)   Finding Dory
(1:02:03)   Toy Story 4
(1:12:34)   RAPID FIRE!!!!!
(1:22:53)   Shoutout! Andrew Kaiko, Samuel R Albro & Juan Sebastián Bossano for suggesting stories that were ultimately in the D23 discussion lineup
(1:23:37)   AUDIENCE QUESTION: “How do you guys physically and mentally prepare yourselves before taking on a new project or job?” ~Ronald Chaparro

Trailer for British dub of “Metagol” called “Unbeatables”

Concept art for Disney’s “Gigantic” (Jack & the Beanstalk re-imagining)
Disney's Jack and the Beanstalk retelling Gigantic concept art presented at D23 2015
“Moana” presentation at D23

“Finding Dory” (and other clipped up before it) presentation at D23

“Toy Story 4” presentation at D23

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