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Artist Mike Hill Brings Long Dead Horror Movie Monsters Back To Life


New York, NY – Thursday, March 28, 2013

British Artist and Sculptor Mike Hill could teach the hacks at Madame Tussauds a thing or two.  Unlike the creepily shiny wax crap you see in the tourist attractions which these days is most likely done with 3D body scans and computer modeling * See Editors Note, Mike sculpts the figures from clay, based on various stills of the original character.  In an interview with the LA Times Hill explained the process:

“This figure was sculpted in clay from various stills. . .The sculpture was then reproduced in silicone rubber and fiberglass. The skin is painted in layers to reflect human skin tones. The acrylic eyes are custom made to match [the character’s] own. Each hair is punched [into place] one at a time. The costume is an exact replica of the original.” –Mike Hill

Karloff as Frankenstein having tea.

The end result is a more human than human monster, and when he creates sculptures such as the one above, where you can see a bit of the actor in mid-monster make-up it’s even more amazing.  Here are some more samples of his work, and work in progress.

Boris Karloff as Ardeth Bay in 1932’s, “The Mummy”. The completed clay portrait
Painted silicone cast.
Mike even created the scroll using the age old process of tea dipping paper.
Hand, complete with reproduction ring.
Elsa Lanchester as the Bride in 1935’s, “Bride of Frankenstein”

Raw silicone cast for the Bride.
Linda Blair as Regan McNeil in 1973’s, “The Exorcist”.
Can a sculpture give you nightmares?
Here is what it looked like as a completed clay portrait.
Legendary Make-Up Artist Dick Smith, who created the make-up for the character Regan in the actual movie The Exorcist poses in front of Mike’s Sculptural recreation.

But Mike Hill isn’t just a horror guy, he also can do a pretty convincing superhero.  Just check out Christopher Reeve as Superman.

Christopher Reeve, in living color.

If you have enjoyed this little look into the work of Mike Hill, check out his website www.mikehillart.com for a lot more of his horror movie sculptures, including the 4 step process of making Quasimodo!

The artist Mike Hill, and an Ewok.

Written by Cojo “Art Juggernaut”

*Editors Note: I was contacted by a Madame Tussauds trained hack named Tony Webb, whom informed me that they don’t use 3D body scans, they are actually made by hand, (Tony’s version of what appears to be Brad Pitt’s Weird Uncle, you know Chad Pitt. ). Thanks Tony, you helped prove my point, Cheers.

All images are copyright Mike Hill.

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